Quotation Form and Privacy Policy statement

This form may be used to request a quotation for any journey expected to exceed 13 miles, and also for a sight seeing or ancestral tour.

Competitive pricing can be assured when the journey starts, ends or passes close to Melrose.

For a sight seeing or ancestral tour which includes any multi stop journey.

Complete ALL sections including "List All Stops".

An A to B journey, for example going to an airport.

Complete ALL sections, excluding "List All Stops".

Request Your Quotation

Polite Notice:

Please check that all required information has been provided. This is essential to provide an accurate quote, and for Jim's Melrose Taxi to best serve you. For example, an incorrect or missing email will not receive a response.

Please Note: If you request and subsequently accept a journey quotation you are agreeing to pay a non refundable deposit of £20 as a show of good intent. The balance of the cost must then be paid at least 48 hours before pick up is due. If not adhered to then the booking will voided and the deposit shall be deemed forfeit.

If this statement causes any conflict you may of course contact Jim's Melrose Taxi directly to clarify the options available.

Privacy Policy

No cookies here. This is a low fat website. This website does not actively use any medium to track or glean any information about the user.


My webhost may collect some information such as your IP address and/or time and date of visit merely to track usage of bandwidth and resources. There is nothing in this log keeping to identify an individual or gather sensitive information.

The information You do give

The only information I receive is that freely given through a contact or quotation form, and this is of a minimum to enable that I may quote accurately.

If the information is no longer current perhaps because the contract has been completed or original quotation rejected, all such information is then deleted from the mail server.

No information is kept once the original purpose of giving this data has been removed. Your right to privacy is assured and no personal data is ever passed to a third party.