Scottish ancestry and sight seeing tours using a licensed taxi

When tracing your Scottish ancestry, it can be the remoteness of some of your ancestral settlements in the Scottish Borders that makes the use of public transport to visit them all within a set timetable quite impossible.

It is then that Jim's Melrose Taxi may be of some help since Jim can offer small party ancestral and sight seeing tours by taxi to connect all the locations you are interested in visiting. Use the quotation form to provide the full list of stops you wish to make.

I shall then optimise the route to include all of the places of ancestral or tourist interest you wish to visit and since I offer up to fifty percent discount on the standard metered taxi fare could prove both time and cost effective.

The Eildon Hills as seen from Scott's View

Eildon Hills from Scott's View

Jim's Taxi to Melrose is based in Melrose within sight of The Eildon Hills and right in the heart of the Scottish Borders. Suggested maximum fare discount is only achievable when start and end of tour is close to this location, perhaps at a local guest house or the nearby rail station at Tweedbank.

Not starting / ending tour in this area? No problem. Jim and his Melrose Taxi is happy to quote for any viable travel request you may have and even if not the cheapest he will still be the fairest.

Ancestral Vs sight seeing tours

I enjoy both but it becomes more personal when someone is tracing their ancestry. You are likely to visit places you have never been before with an ancestral tour since not every great grandfather was a notable figure in history who lived at what is now a tourist attraction.

The sense of pleasure when someone finds a new link from tracing a known ancester is good, although you also share the disappointment when a lead turns out to be a dead end.

I do get more involved and something as simple as finding the written record indexing the position of a certain headstone or even better the inscription it carries can save the seeker time and frustration.