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Jim has been in the Scottish Borders taxi trade since 1987 and has during that time seen the best and worst of the job. The endless hours sitting on a rank doing little or nothing no longer hold any appeal.

His efforts are now aimed at giving best value. For you, the discerning traveller, with cost effective pre-booked longer distance transport services.

Not only available on the fixed price to the airport or rail station offered by many taxi operators. But by using a formula applied against the official metered fare cost saving is possible on any viable journey.

Definition of a viable journey? Melrose.

I am operating at my most efficient when the hire starts, ends or passes close to Melrose and it is then that I can offer the best savings over the standard metered fare.

When not passing within two miles of base the discount available starts to decline but cost savings are still possible determined by total mileage travelled in relation to the metered or paid miles.

saving you money

The difference between public and private hire.

Public hire is taking a taxi from a rank or hailing one on the street when the standard charge is that shown on the meter.

Private hire is ordering a car by other means and the operator is free to apply a booking charge if they so wish. I charge £4 in accepting a booking and this covers for a journey of up to one mile. The official metered fare would read £4-05 at this point.

The chart above shows that I start to be very competitive on any fare of more than one mile in distance. With the proviso that the journey starts, ends or passes close to my base of operation.

Jim's Taxi to Melrose offers competitive pricing

Example 1: Berwick-Upon-Tweed rail station to, or from, Melrose. Day time 1-4 passengers.
Metered fare: £67.05 *. Taxi to Melrose would quote £55.00.

Example 2: Lindisfarne, Holy Island to, or from, Melrose. Day time 1-4 passengers.
Metered fare: £78.75 *. Taxi to Melrose would quote £64.00.

* Source: Scottish Borders Taxi Fare Calculator

Also offered. Sight seeing and ancestry tracing tours of the Scottish Borders and beyond. When your tour starts and ends within my local area savings of up to fifty percent are possible compared to the official metered fare.

Jim's Taxi to Melrose

Jim's Melrose Taxi

The Seat Toledo. Not a top of the range limousine by any means. An honest and reliable mid sized family car that handles the task of being a taxi in Melrose and further afield.

It has a large boot and enough space for four average sized passengers. I do concede that the rear middle seat would soon lose some appeal on a longer journey.

The Taxi to Melrose is able to offer the full range of travel services you may expect including, but not limited to:

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Contacting Jim's Taxi to Melrose

Telephone: 07974 826 826

Please note that the telephone number is not purely by chance. My hours of local operation within Melrose are eight to six daily. Unless pre-booked the phone will not receive a response outside of these hours.

Preferred method of contact is through the use of quotation form for booking or journey enquiries.


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