Jim's Melrose Taxi

Jim's Melrose Taxi

The Seat Toledo. Not a top of the range limousine by any means. Just an honest and reliable mid sized family car that handles the task of being a taxi in Melrose and further afield very well.

It has a large boot and enough space for four average sized passengers, but I do concede that the rear middle seat would soon lose some appeal on a longer distance journey.

Why would you choose Jim's Melrose Taxi

What makes Jim and his Melrose Taxi different

Having been in the Scottish Borders taxi trade since 1987 his efforts are fully aimed at giving the best value. For you, the discerning traveller, with cost effective pre-booked longer distance transportation services.

Best value does not equal being the cheapest, though sometimes it may turn out that is the case.

Best value means the best possible service provided at a fair price. A service you can truly rely on surely has some added value attached to it.

Not only available on the fixed price to the airport or rail station offered by many taxi operators. But by using a formula applied against the official metered fare cost saving is possible on any viable journey.

Definition of a viable journey? Melrose.

I am operating at my most efficient when the hire starts, ends or passes close to Melrose and it is then that I can offer the best savings over the standard taxi metered fare.

Jim's Melrose Taxi could offer competitive pricing

But then, just maybe, it is more important to yourself to benefit from the reliable service that has been proven over many a long year.

best value

The chart above shows that I aim to be competitive on any journey exceeding 12 miles. The official metered price at this point would be in excess of £24 but, with the proviso that the journey starts, ends or simply passes close to my base of operation I would be quoting a price of £20 at the same distance.

Further afield you may initially lose some benefit, but as you can see from the graph the distance away from Melrose against the total distance to be traveled could still give a useful saving.

Any additional fare over the minimum £20 receives my standard discount on the balance. Rest assured that if I can not match or beat the standard metered fare for your actual journey I shall decline to quote.

Example 1: Berwick-Upon-Tweed rail station to, or from, Melrose. Day time 1-4 passengers. Metered fare: £69.00 *.

Jim's Taxi to Melrose would quote £56.00.

Example 2: Lindisfarne, Holy Island to, or from, Melrose. Day time 1-4 passengers. Metered fare: £81.50 *.

Jim's Taxi to Melrose would quote £66.00.

Example 3: Melrose to Newcastle International Airport. Day time 1-4 passengers. Metered fare: £119.00 * which does not include the drop off charge.

Jim's Melrose Taxi would quote £98.50 inclusive.

* Source: AA route planner and Google maps used in conjunction with the official Scottish Borders taxi tariff sheet.

Scottish Borders Taxi Fare

As you can see from the tariff sheet the official fare carries a surcharge of 25% for unsocial hours working. This is from 10pm until 6am next morning and any hire commenced during these hours are subject to the same rate for the full journey.

Jim's Melrose taxi will apply a 20% surcharge over his standard rate, but only for any journey that is both started and completed within these hours.

Best value combined with best practice.