Jim's Taxi to Melrose

Jim's Melrose Taxi

The Seat Toledo. Not a top of the range limousine by any means. Just an honest and reliable mid sized family car that handles the task of being a taxi in Melrose and further afield very well.

It has a large boot and enough space for four average sized passengers although I do concede that the rear middle seat would soon lose some appeal on a longer journey.

The Taxi to Melrose is able to offer the full range of travel services you may expect including, but not limited to:

  • competetive pricing for longer distance travel requests
  • pre-booked airport and rail station transfers
  • tailored to you ancestral and sight seeing tours
  • face to face card payment accepted

About Jim

Jim has been in the Scottish Borders taxi trade since 1987 and has during that time seen the best and worst of the job. The endless hours sitting on a rank doing little or nothing no longer hold any appeal.

As a locally based Melrose taxi operator his aims initially were to serve the town and community with reliable transport services. With only a small but loyal customer base and the high level of competition this is not fully substainable in the longer term.

Quite apart from that he does still enjoy the driving and gains pleasure from getting away from the town on occasion to enjoy the open road. Just to check the car still has a fifth gear of course.

Determined to acheive a healthier work and life balance his efforts are now aimed at giving best value. For you, the discerning traveller, with cost effective pre-booked longer distance transport services.

Best value does not equal being the cheapest, though sometimes it may turn out that is the case. Best value means the best possible service provided at a fair price. A service you can truly rely on surely has some added value attached to it.

Not only available on the fixed price to the airport or rail station offered by many taxi operators. But by using a formula applied against the official metered fare cost saving is possible on any viable journey.

Definition of a viable journey? Melrose.

I am operating at my most efficient when the hire starts, ends or passes close to Melrose and it is then that I can offer the best savings over the standard taxi metered fare.

saving you money

The difference between public and private hire.

Public hire is taking a taxi from a rank or hailing one on the street when the standard charge is that shown on the meter. At a distance of 11 miles the official metered fare would already be reading £21.55 minimum.

Private hire is ordering a car by other means and the operator is free to apply a booking charge if they so wish. I charge £20 in accepting a booking and this covers for a journey of up to 11 miles. After this point is reached any additional fare over the minimum £20 then receives my standard discount on the balance.

The chart above shows that I start to be competitive on any fare £20 and above. With the proviso that the journey starts, ends or passes close to my base of operation.

Jim's Taxi to Melrose could offer competitive pricing

But then, just maybe, it is more important to yourself to benefit from the reliable service that has been proven over many a long year.

Example 1: Berwick-Upon-Tweed rail station to, or from, Melrose. Day time 1-4 passengers. Metered fare: £66.55 *.

Jim's Taxi to Melrose would quote £61.10.

Example 2: Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island to, or from, Melrose. Day time 1-4 passengers. Metered fare: £80.45 *.

Jim's Taxi to Melrose would quote £73.80.

Example 3: Melrose to Newcastle International Airport. Day time 1-4 passengers. Metered fare: £113.35 * which does not include the drop off charge.

Jim's Taxi to Melrose would quote £105.90 inclusive.

* Source: AA route planner in conjunction with the official Scottish Borders taxi tariff.

Scottish Borders Taxi Fare

Contacting Jim

Preferred method of contact is through the use of quotation form for booking or journey enquiries.

Once a booking is confirmed we can then exchange direct contact telephone numbers.

Why do I operate in this fashion? Every quotation is tailored to your request, and I could not begin to do so when behind the wheel.

Accurate pricing demands that I am sat at my desk with access to the tools I need to acheive that result.

Request a quote

This form can be used to request a quote for any journey.

Competitive pricing can be assured when journey starts, ends or passes through or close to Melrose.

For a Scottish Borders tour or multi stop journey.

Complete ALL sections including the List All Stops section.

For an A to B journey for example going to an airport.

Complete ALL sections excluding the List All Stops section.

Request Your Quotation

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Please Note: If you request and subsequently accept a journey quotation you are agreeing to pay a non refundable deposit of £20 as a show of good faith. The balance of the cost must then be paid at least 48 hours before pick up is due. If not adhered to then the booking will voided and the deposit shall be deemed forfeit.

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The information You do give

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In Memory of Sheba


Top Travel Tips

Plan your journey. Local knowledge may prove very beneficial. For an instance if you arrive at Berwick-Upon-Tweed rail station intending to get a taxi to an address in Melrose, to which you have never before traveled, will that taxi sat so conveniently on the rank suffice? Shall the driver know where Melrose is let alone an individual address? Will he be prepared to leave the town to take you there? And what will the cost be? Lots of questions to which you ought to know the answers.

Get various quotes. Competition rules after all, and it may be that a taxi operator not too far removed from along the shortest route between your departure and destination points may provide the best choice. Planning counts for a lot. Careful though, the cheapest price is no guarantee that you will receive the service you deserve to expect, look also for an operator known to deliver what is promised.

Very obvious, Know what your requirements are. Do not book a taxi for three passengers, and show up as a group of five. Do not forget to mention that little diversion you wish to take since one of the group are staying elsewhere, visiting Aunt Bessie's grave, or any other reasoning. The quote you received and accepted was for a pre-planned journey and if you change the plan expect the charging criteria to change.

Last but not least. Be prepared to pay in advance. Your plane, train or bus were all required to be paid in advance, so why not your taxi? After all the other named transport keep to a given time and route that may not always be at your convenience. A taxi however is at the time you specify, the journey you choose, and may have to travel many miles at some ungodly hour to fufill your contract so payment in advance please.